Entry into our community 

Entry into our community 

Tacos Dorados de Pollo


– Chicken breasts
– Corn tortillas
– 1 Onion
– 3 Tomatoes
– 6 Tomatillos
– 3 Serrano peppers
– Garlic cloves
– Mint leaves
– Cilantro
– Oil

For serving

– Lettuce
– 1 Red onion
– 2 Tomatoes
– Sour cream
– Avocado
– Queso de rancho

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You can never go wrong when it comes to tacos! Enjoy this delicious and very crunchy recipe of one of my favorite ways to eat tacos, the mix between flavour and texture is someting else. Can’t wait for you to try them

In a pot filled with water put the 2 chicken breasts, with a 1/4 of onion, 1 garlic clove, mint leaves and 1 ts of salt.
In a different pot put the tomatillos with the serrano peppers . Let them boil on medium heat.

When the chicken is cooked, set it aside to cool and shred it.

Chop 1/2 onion and 3 tomatoes.
For the stuffing, in a heated pan with oil add the chopped onion and tomatoes with salt and pepper. Stir it for a couple of minutes and then add the shredded chicken. Mix it all together.

Put a generous amount of oil in a pan and let it heat. Meanwhile put the stuffing in the torillas and roll them, you can use a tootpick to keep the tortilla in the taco shape.

Fry the tacos, when they get a brown-ish color they are ready!
Put a paper towel on a plate so it will absorbe the oil when you take out the tacos.

For the green salsa, put in a blender the boiled tomatillos and serrano peppers, cilantro, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 onion and 1 1/2 ts of salt. Mix everything together.

Wash and cut all the toppings: lettuce, red onion, tomatoes

Add the toppings and the salsa to your tacos. Enjoy!

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